Dashville Skyline artists helping our farmers!

Some small rains fell over parts of NSW this past weekend, some didn't.

In any case, it was a nice change, but unfortunately there needs to be a lot more. The drought situation in NSW has reached a crisis point. Australian farmers are trying to hold on. Already burdened by the major supermarkets, the weight of the worst drought we've seen in 50 years, has them now doing it tougher than ever, both on the land and in the home.

Thankfully there's a large community of individuals and organisations working hard to rally support and raise funds to help regional Australia survive through this and Dashville want to do their bit to be part of this community and show Australian farmers that we care.

When we took this concept to Dashville Skyline acts, there was no convincing required, with all artists offering up their support and stunning music to raise much needed funds.

As such what we have is, Make it Rain, a whopping 40-song, two-CD compilation  album full of Dashville Skyline performers, from world-renowned artists like The Waifs and C.W. Stoneking, to rising stars like Ben Leece, Grace Turner, Tori Forsyth and Ruby Gilbert, this is a stunning catalogue of music, which will be sold with all profits going direct to farming families via the Country Womens Association of New South Wales.

Grab a copy and help us help our farmers and their families.