Welcome to Dash Depot

Welcome to Dashville's u-beaut new online store. Here you'll see various items for purchase, that traditionally would only have been available for purchase at one of our festivals.

But now through the powers of technology, you can grab a garment for yourself or that special someone right here now, before or after any one of our events. There is some new stock, old stock, exclusive items and bonus items. We'll do our best to keep prices similar to the prices at our festivals, absorbing postage costs where possible.

Part of our motivation is setting this store up was the exciting concept behind the Community Collection. A place where we can include items from all of our creative friends. Whether its literature, music or visual art, if you're a local artist with some merch or an album you'd like to sell on our store, then get in touch with us at mail@dashville.com.au and find out how you can get your goods on Dash Depot.

In the mean time, please feel free to spend up and support the Dashville family, we'll be ever so grateful for your patronage!